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25 July 2008 @ 09:36 pm
Atlantis: "The Other Side of Dawn" Chapter 4/?  
"The Other Side of Dawn"
Word Count: WIP
Raiting: PG13
Pairing: John/Liz
Category: action/adventure
Summary: Trapped on a world, several members from Atlantis find themselves struggling to survive.
Author's Note: I know... I started this a year ago and I'm only up to chapter 4. I hate myself too. lol.

Chapter 4: Wreck

Nasiir looked at them apprehensively, and pushed his glasses further up his nose before speaking, “What do you know about the Ancestral Ring?”

“Who wants to know?” John spoke to the man before Elizabeth could say anything.

“Just me.” His eyes darted back and forth between the Atlantians. It didn’t take a genius to know that the guy was nervous.

“You said you call it ‘stargate’. Did you really come through it? The texts speak of other beings using it as a transportations device to another world!” Despite his nervousness, his eyes gleamed with excitement and every word fell out of his mouth faster and faster. “Is it true? Is there really another world out there?”

Elizabeth glanced at John before replying, “There are thousands of planets out there, and that’s just in this galaxy.”

“You know how to make it work! I have tried so many times, yet nothing ever works.”

“That crystal we f-“

John coughed, cutting Elizabeth off. “We only help you if you help us.”

The gleam disappeared from Nasiir’s eyes; his smile turning to a frown. “I must go now.” He turned, knocked on the door and was gone.

“What was that about?” Elizabeth demanded.

“You want to help these people spread across the galaxy?! No way. They’re one of the more advanced races we’ve come across. They shot us down without even a warning, who knows what they’ll do on other planets.”

“I trust Nasiir”

“Who? That guy? They probably sent him in here to do exactly that, gain our trust and get information out of us.”

Elizabeth gave a huff of frustration. “Well if I was right we just lost our chance of getting out of here.” She pushed past him and lay down on the bed, turning her back to him.


When John came to, he could hear a panicked voice muttering in Czech. He felt something underneath him and opened his eyes to realize he was lying on top of Elizabeth. The memory of the jumper taking a head-first dive came back to him in a flash.

“Are you ok?”

Elizabeth blinked up at him. Dried blood caked a nasty cut on her forehead and trailed down her left cheek. “You’re on top of me.” She struggled underneath him.

“Sorry,” John rolled off her and climbed to his feet, assessing any personal injuries he may have acquired as he did so. Besides many aches and soon-to-form bruises, he didn’t seem to have any broken bones.

Outside of the jumper he could see nothing but trees. He turned to the back to find a tangle of limbs.

Elizabeth stepped past John to Carson who was unconscious in his seat. Zelenka was struggling to free himself from Rodney on top of him, Ronon was helping Teyla to her feet, and Major Lorne, Chuck and Lt. Adams were untangling themselves from each other on the floor.

John kneeled beside Rodney and helped Radek to rouse him into consciousness. He spotted a nasty bruise forming on the astrophysicist’s forehead, but the man was blinking awake within moments.

“What happened?” Ronon voiced John’s thoughts moments later when Carson too had gained consciousness and nobody was found with any life debilitating injuries, besides Lt. Adams who appeared to have a dislocated shoulder.

“We crashed.” John stated, helping Rodney to his feet.

McKay pushed past John to the main jumper controls, “Oh, thank you genius!”

“What happened when we went through the gate?” Elizabeth asked.

“We must have caught the tail end of the explosion, which sent us through the wormhole at an increased speed. The stability of the wormhole must have been compromised as well, which would explain why we’re not where we’re supposed to be.” Rodney explained, looking out of the windscreen before turning back to the others. “When a massive explosion is directed at the event horizon, it can cause the wormhole to jump from one gate to another; usually it’s a ga-”

“Then where are we?” Ronon asked, cutting Rodney off.

“I don’t know; let me pull my GPS out of my pocket!” Rodney glared at the Satedan who took a menacing step towards him.

“Alright kids!” John stepped between them. “Rodney, can you fix the jumper?”

“Is that a serious question?”

“Ok, how about you get working on it with Zelenka and Chuck. Carson, you tend to the Lieutenant here, Teyla, will you stay with them. Ronon and I will head back to try and find the gate and radio for help.”

Everyone nodded and got to work. John turned to Elizabeth. “You want to stay here?”

She shook her head, “I’ll come with you.”

John looked to her forehead and raised his eyebrows.

“I’m fine, it’s stopped bleeding, Lt. Adams is worse than me.”

“Fine, let’s get going,” John reluctantly agreed, if only to keep an eye on her himself and to get her back to safety.


Elizabeth shifted on the mattress, causing John to wake up. He looked at her sleeping beside him; her back to him with her body cuddled securely against the wall.

She shifted again, rolling onto her back. Her brows were furrowed with unease. He knew her dreams were filled with horrible memories just like his. He raised his hand and lightly stroked her cheek. She seemed to calm and she rolled over towards him.

He dropped his hand to her arm, lightly rubbing it as she fell into a deep sleep.


They’d been walking in silence for 15 minutes. Elizabeth was sure she was in some sort of shock. With every step she felt a part of herself fall away. So much had happened just in the last 12 hours that it was all jumbled in her head as she tried to make sense of it all.

Ronon walked alongside her on her left, his stoic manner comforting her inner turmoil. She was amazed at how quickly the large man had found himself a place with them on Atlantis, and it was hard to believe that she’d once questioned the idea of accepting him as part of the team.

They passed through a tight gap between two trees, and Ronon stepped to the side to let her through first, a hand briefly resting on her shoulder to guide her through. If it had been somebody else she would have seen the gesture as a sign that they thought she needed help. With Ronon, however, she knew it was a brief moment of comfort: a sign of his unwavering support.

Through the trees, they fell into step again with John on her right, his hands so delicately holding his P-90 as his senses remained on full-alert. He glanced sideways at her, flashing a reassuring grin. “You sure you’re ok?”

Elizabeth nodded as a wave of affection washed over her. When everything else was falling to pieces around her, she still had her friends which gave her the energy to continue on, that and the adrenaline which was pumping through her body. She paid no attention to any of her injuries; specifically her head which she was sure would hurt the next day.

Their radios suddenly crackled to life, “Colonel Sheppard”.

John stiffened at her whispered voice. “Teyla?”

“I believe we are not alone, I think-“

Her voice cut off as the unmistakable sound of gunfire blasted through the radio.

The two men were instantly running back towards the jumper and Elizabeth sprinted after them. She knew that she was physically fit, but was in no way a match to the speed and agility of John and Ronon as she quickly fell behind them.

She could hear John screaming into the radio ahead of her and in the distance the sound of gunfire (both friendly and foreign) grew louder. Her lungs burned for oxygen as she tried to regulate her breathing. Yelling soon came into hearing distance; some was in Czech, some English, and then voices she knew she’d never heard before.

Elizabeth slowed down to a walk, gasping for breath, as the jumper came into view between the trees. There was no longer gunfire, but she saw John and Ronon in the small clearing with their weapons raised. Sitting on the ground with Carson kneeling beside her was Teyla.

Major Lorne and Lt. Adams stood on the jumper’s ramp, both their weapons raised. She couldn’t spot Zelenka or Chuck, and hoped that they were hidden away inside.

Her eyes followed the lines of their guns to where she saw four men also with their alien weapons raised. One of them had his held to Rodney’s head.

In silence, she edged her way closer to the clearing.

“Drop your weapons!” Sheppard ordered.

“Drop yours or I will shoot!” The soldier behind Rodney barked, emphasizing his threat by pushing the gun to Rodney’s head a little harder.

Rodney was surprisingly quiet as he looked at Ronon and John. The bruise on his forehead was looking a lot worse now with several shades of purple forming.

It was four against four: the four enemy soldiers and John, Ronon, Lorne and Adams. A discarded P-90 lying in the grass must have been Teyla’s.

“We’re not here to cause trouble. We just want to fix our ship and get out of here.” John negotiated. “Let’s just leave each other alone and we’ll be gone before you know it.”

“No! Your people killed two of my men!” His face was growing redder as he spat his words at them. Elizabeth looked around for any bodies on the ground, friendly or not, but saw none.

“There can be no peace,” he continued, “you must answer for this!”

“My people were defending themselves!” Sheppard yelled, his short attempt of diplomacy flying out the window.

“Enough!” He pulled the trigger.

There was a moment of silence which seemed to last a lifetime before gunfire erupted.

Elizabeth pulled her head back behind the tree she’d been hiding behind as bullets went flying by.

The gunfire only lasted seconds and was followed by a deafening silence. She opened her eyes, took a deep breath and glanced around the tree. Her mind was filled with images of soldiers standing over her friends, hole-ridden on the ground.

When she stumbled into the clearing she found Carson and Teyla still clutching to each other on the ground. Evan and Adams were at the bottom of the ramp, Radek and Chuck behind them. John and Ronon still stood together, their guns held loosely at their sides, raising them again and swinging around as Elizabeth rushed by them, falling to the ground beside the body they’d all been staring at.

Elizabeth felt her heart ache. There was just so much blood. The grass was covered in it and it seemed to just continue growing, spreading out in all directions.

She wanted to take his lifeless hand and hold onto it, but she was afraid that the touch would somehow make it real. Without touching him she could somehow still save him, that maybe she’d wake up from this nightmare. Her bedroom in Atlantis would greet her, the soft, ever-present sound of the waves crashing in the background.

A hand suddenly grabbed her arm, pulling her to her feet. She glared at Major Lorne but he was already pulling her back through the trees.

“Run!” He urged her, as they passed Teyla who was urgently trying to pull Carson in the same direction. The doctor was frantically trying to get to Rodney, his eyes full of tears for his best friend.

That’s when she heard the shouts behind them, and moments later came the sounds of alien gunfire that blasted through the trees around them. Her lungs had barely had time to recuperate and they burned again within seconds. Major Lorne kept a tight grip on her arm as he ran along beside her.

She knew the rest of the team was running along with her, but she wasn’t sure who was there or even if everyone else had made it. All of her thoughts turned to making sure that she continuously put one foot in front of the other as fast as she could.

Evan’s grip on her arm kept her going, almost as if his energy was being transferred through their joined bodies.

How long they were running, she had no idea. All sense of time seemed to have fled her long ago. However, she soon realized that she no longer heard shots behind her, only the sounds of pounding footsteps and ragged breaths.

The trees were thinning out around them and she heard somebody, perhaps Adams, shout something out ahead of her.

Then she saw it as they burst out into a clearing and, in the last 3 years, she’d never been so happy to see the Stargate standing before them in the fading sunlight.

Chapters 1-3
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